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Jul 22

A Day in the Life of John Lasseter

I love this documentary. John Lasseter is one of those guys I really admire.  It’s only 25 minutes but I could watch it a hundred times.

Click here to watch 'A Day In The Life of John Lasseter'

Pictures from the doc:

Jun 17

Unleash Your Fingers is amazing!

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Apr 12


Mar 28

Saying Goodbye to WorshipHouse Media

Over on the Igniter Media blog, I talked about how we just sold WorshipHouse Media… It’s such a crazy thing that I’m still processing. 

In our companies history, this is more than a new chapter… it’s a new act!  Pray for us and read my thoughts below.

Saying Goodbye to WorshipHouse Media: Blogpost on Igniter Media

Mar 18


Feb 22


Jan 27

Why I can’t get onboard with 3D anything.

Okay, maybe I can get onboard with View Masters, but that’s it. I’ve been a skeptic of 3D for a while now and wanted to write about it a year ago or so… but I didn’t, because I needed to wait to see Avatar.

Avatar was shot fully in 3D. I saw it in 3D. My experience was mixed. It was visually interesting to watch it in 3D. No question about that. But while Avatar was visually interesting, here are my reasons I don’t ever want to go to a 3D movie again.

  1. Even in Avatar, I was always aware that I was watching the movie in 3D. In other words, I’m brought back to reality (me sitting in a movie theater) way more then when I go see a 2D movie.
  2. I always get a headache.  Every time without fail. I saw Beowulf in 3D IMAX and I wanted to break my 17.5 year barf streak.
  3. I hate wearing glasses. 
  4. It’s more expensive.  That really gets me. Charge me more for an experience I like less? That doesn’t make sense.

I’m sorry to my friends who love 3D (and I have close friends who are on the opposite side of this argument).  I hope 3D works out for you guys and you enjoy a fruitful life enjoying 3D movies.  Just don’t invite me.

If you want an amazing article on 3D you must read what Roger Ebert has to say about it. (click here for the article)

Jan 19


Jan 04

My likes and dislikes of Apple (take 1)

My Likes:

My Dislikes:

That’s good for now… What about you? What do you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’?