This is our newest video… We are very excited to release this and hope churches all over can use this in their Easter services.

A couple interesting things about this video:

- The concept for this video was one we were thinking about before we released Social Network Christmas

- Since my wife and I had a baby last Thursday, I haven’t been in the office.  That said, I’ve had to spend a lot of time on this video since then.  Our solution?  I used iChat video, DropBox, YouSendIt, iChat texting, and phone texting.  It was amazing how much we could accomplish using these tools.

- For a video like this, I really want to ‘feel’ the impact after viewing it.  After the first viewing of our final rough… I felt nothing.  It took about 7-10 drafts after that before I really started feeling it.  

- Steve V., Trent A., David W., and Jeff P. worked so hard on this video with me.  I really have a great production team.

Enjoy the video… I’d love to hear what you think.

Saying Goodbye to WorshipHouse Media

Over on the Igniter Media blog, I talked about how we just sold WorshipHouse Media… It’s such a crazy thing that I’m still processing. 

In our companies history, this is more than a new chapter… it’s a new act!  Pray for us and read my thoughts below.

Saying Goodbye to WorshipHouse Media: Blogpost on Igniter Media

In case you missed it, check out our newest video.  Steve Vanderheide took lead on the post-production and did such a great job.  So thankful for him.

David Womack, Trent Armstrong, Christian Dunn, and Jeff Parker all made major contributions to the video as well.  Our hope is always that our videos can help teach the amazing story of Christ.

Our latest video for Igniter Media highlights three couples.  These couples are able to look at their current struggles and still show thankfulness.  My church, Watermark Community, showed this video on Sunday and it was great.  I hope you are encouraged by their stories.

Two reasons to post this.

1. I’m testing out the new functionality on Igniter Media to embed videos.. with a link back to the original.

2. It’s almost November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This is still my favorite ‘Darrell’ video and I love seeing our kids.

We decided to use Johnny & Chachi for our Igniter Website Promo video after I couldn’t figure out how to write a ‘sincere’ script.  I take that back.  I wrote an ‘Apple-like’ script to promote all the features on the new Igniter Media.  But I think it would have been boring and I’m not sure I can pull off ‘sincere’ on camera… as me (Maybe in the right video I could).

For the video, we ended up with a J&C parody of a sincere promo video.  I hope you like it.

Anxiety and Hope (going to Uganda)

I will be leaving Friday for my first trip to Africa.  I am going with a small group from my church (Watermark Community Church)… 10 of us in all.  We are doing several things while there, but mainly partnering with ALARM Ministries.  We will be leading a 3 day seminar on conflict, leadership, and reconciliation.  I will do some teaching, worship leading, and mainly connecting with lots of new people. 

I will also be shooting some video for Igniter Media.  I am taking our Canon 7D with lots of trimmings.  I haven’t shot a ton with the camera, but I look forward to it.

Here are my anxieties:

  • The long plane rides
    I get a bit restless and don’t sleep well on planes.
  • My teaching time
    I like speaking, but it doesn’t always come easy.
  • Shooting video
    I have lots of equipment, most of which I have little experience using.  I’m the only one from Igniter going, so it might get tiring doing this solo (though Rob B. said he would be willing to assist me!) 
  • Certain physical issues
    Without going into details, I have certain ‘ailments’ that I’m nervous will ‘flare’.
  • The absence from my family
    My wife is wearing a ‘boot’ for a badly sprained ankle.  She’s about to handle our 3 kids for 8 days by herself. 

Here are my hopes:

  • I would gain a perspective shift
    I really desire to love others as Christ does.  Matthew 25:34-40 shows what it means to love like this.  To love the ‘least of these’.  My life is too much about me and it’s toxic.
  • I would attain new and powerful friendships
    I really hope to connect to some amazing people in Uganda. I’m excited about interacting with kids, the ALARM team and staff, Living Water International, and more.  I also look forward to connecting to our Watermark team going over there.
  • I would understand the needs in Africa more clearly
    I want to know what the true needs are, not the Americanized version of what we ‘think’ are the needs.
  • I want to come back with great footage.
    I really hope to capture some great footage.  At Igniter, we want to bring awareness, but also move people to love more like Christ. My hope is that I come back with material that will provoke.

I leave this Friday.  My hope and prayer and that I soak in what God wants to teach me and that I would love like He does.

Friday things

  • My favorite person to follow on Twitter is Tim Siedell or @badbanana. I don’t know him but he’s so funny in a dry way. Here’s one of his latest tweets: That hulu announcer sounds way too smug for someone introducing an episode of Cougar Town.
  • Can somebody please tell me how to remove myself from iTune’s Ping? I started disliking it 2 minutes into trying it.
  • Another tweet from @badbanana: Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband wants to plastinate her body. I better look that word up to see if my vomiting was warranted.
  • I’ve seen a lot of exercise equipment infomercials, but Shake Weight goes too far. 
  • I’m in Franklin, TN today with Jeff Parker.  Every time I come here, I forget why I live in the Dallas area.
  • I’m very excited about the new Igniter Media website we are rolling out soon.  We’re shooting a promo video for it on Monday.
  • If you are a soccer coach, have you ever secretly hoped that a game or practiced would get rained out?  I haven’t, just wondering if you have.

This is our newest video called ‘Change the World’. 

We had a lot of fun shooting this video.  As Jeff Parker has pointed out, the irony was thick as we were shooting this video late at night, away from our families.  Hope you enjoy it.